23: 31 Days of Journal Writing

I Journal pageDay 23: A look back

 Let’s take a peek at how far we’ve come.

Three weeks ago, back on day two of this 31-day challenge, I asked you why you wanted to be a journal writer.

Did you come up with an answer?

Maybe you were looking for inspiration for a book.

Thinking about making a career change.

Considering the possibilities of moving to a new town or city and needed a place to jot down your ideas.

Figuring out how to end a marriage. Or get one!

Or maybe your intention for keeping a journal was just for the simple pleasure of daily writing, connecting with your innermost self, and having a creative outlet.

The reasons we choose to put our time and energy into something are important. They serve as motivation to keep moving forward.

We go to the gym to achieve better health. We look stuff up on Google because we want to find answers. We ask our neighbor for sugar or en egg because we want to finish the recipe we started.

Something motivates every single thing we do.

When we choose to spend multiple hours a day watching TV, something motivated that action too. Maybe we have the flu. Or maybe we are avoiding taking action on a dream that we want…our fear leaves us just scared enough that the Harry Potter rerun on ABC Family is the most important thing right now.

What is your reason for keeping a journal? For today’s prompt, open up to a blank page (or pull one up on the computer) and write down your reason. Make a poster out of it with big letters and fancy colors. Mark that page so that it’s easy to find when you need something to come back and get the motivation you need to keep on keepin’ on.

Use your purpose, your intention, and your desires and goals to propel you forward, one step at a time. And tell us about it! Share your purpose for journaling in the comments below so we can cheer you on!



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