31 Days of Journal Writing Challenge

31 Days_2Day 1: 31 Days of Journal Writing

Day 2: Why do you want to journal?

Day 3: Protecting what you write

Day 4: What other people say about journaling

Day 5: Starting with your past

Day 6: What if my journal is full of doom and gloom and I don’t want it to be?

Day 7: Experimenting with different times of day

Day 8: Experimenting with different types of journals

Day 9: The shared family journal idea

Day 10: Should I reread what I write in my journal?

Day 11: What do I do if someone reads my journal without asking?

Day 12: Should I let someone else read my journal?

Day 13: I want my journal to have more pizazz

Day 14: It’s hard to commit – what tips can you give me for sticking with it?

Day 15: Shake your sillies out

Day 16: How can I dive deeper into my journal?

Day 17: Can my journal help me figure out what I want for my life?

Day 18: What Grandma’s past can teach us about writing for the present

Day 19: What do you see in your crystal ball?

Day 20: Can journaling give me the same benefits as mediation or yoga?

Day 21: Are you coming? Time for a journal field trip

Day 22: Consider this…

Day 23: A look back

Day 24: Oh journaling…I do love you…let me count the ways

Day 25: A journal for someone you love

Day 26: My journal is full – now what?

Day 27: Is it possible I’m writing too much about the past?

Day 28: My journal is full of a lot of big dreams – how do I make them happen?

Day 29: What does it really mean to get to know yourself better through journaling?

Day 30: Where can I get support to keep going after the 31-day challenge?

Day 31: It’s Halloween – explore your wildest dreams!

What is it about journal writing that interests you? 

Is it the idea of keeping a record of your life?

The attraction of putting your story on the page for other people to read?

The thrill of keeping your life secret?

Or is it the clarity you get from the writing process itself?

Whatever it is, this time is for you. This month is all about you diving into your journal writing practice, testing the waters, and seeing how you like it.

Or, if you’re already a journaler, this can be a chance for a deeper dive or a little more focus in your personal writing.

So, settle in and let’s get started.

To begin, you’ll want to choose a method of journaling that resonates with you. Traditional pen and paper works well and I’m a big proponent of that. Writing by hand is a beautiful thing and the experience of what flows from brain to hand is one that can lead to deep soul searching.

There are other ways too, and depending on your preference, they can be just as effective as pen and paper. You can keep a digital journal using anything from a Word document to an app designed for journaling on your smart phone. You can use a voice recorder. You can even use a giant sketchpad or poster board if you want to explore in a big way.

Once you decide on your technique some other things to consider are:

  • What time of day is best for you to write?
  • What props will you want with you? Favorite beverage? Do Not Disturb sign? Timer?
  • Will you choose a prompt or would you rather free write? Or some of each?

For each of these 31 days you’ll find some ideas to consider as you develop your writing practice and a prompt to get your pen moving. Before you know it, you’ll be cranking out the pages, connecting with your deeper self, and loving the results!

Fair warning: It might take some time to get to the good stuff. Stick with it and it’ll be worth it, I promise. Don’t worry about what comes out of your pen, just let it come out. It’s all okay.

Prompt for you today: What is the best part of your life right now? The thing that brings you the most joy? Describe it in as much detail as possible and revel in that joy.

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