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I love this kind of free stuff – don’t you?

When you download your free gift you’ll see a letter I wrote you about spring journaling.

You can read it or you can scroll right down to the prompts. Do what works for you and your pen. (Or voice recorder. Or elaborate index card system.)

By now you should see a note from me in your inbox. Open it, click the confirmation link, and you’ll get a second email with the link to your gift.

Easy Peasy. And if you find yourself wondering why all the clicking step by step like we’re trying to dig our way to China, one scoop at a time, rest assured it’s so that you, me, and all of our journaling buddies can be protected from pesky spammers. Not the spam you can find lovingly prepared in a rice roll all over the Hawaiian islands. The kind that junks up our digital air waves and a serious note to the phrase “cleaning my inbox.”

Spam is bad. Journal prompts are good.

Happy Journaling,