Day 20: 31 Days of Journal Writing

YogaNoMistakesDay 20: Can I get the same benefits from journaling that I can get from meditation or yoga?

Journal: I like pizza.
Yoga: What? I like pizza too!
Meditation: You’re kidding! ME TOO!
Journal: Who would have thought…Wait, wait…I love the Beatles!
Yoga: No way – me too!
Meditation: Same here – we should all three hang out.

What if I told you that you don’t have to meditate to find inner peace and self-awareness?

Or that you don’t have to go to yoga class to realign with your center and connect to your purpose?

There are a bazillion different ways to journal.

There are a bazillion different ways to meditate.

And there are a bazillion different forms of yoga, most of which have complicated names that feel heavy on the consonants and I haven’t a prayer of pronouncing correctly without hearing someone else say it several times. Or several dozen.

I’m not talking here about the yoga classes you take to increase upper body strength. Journaling will not help you with that (unless you journal holding yourself up on one hand at a time).

And I’m not talking about the meditation that happens within a group to focus collective consciousness attention on a particular issue.

Nope, there are some reasons to do meditation or yoga that have little to nothing in common with keeping a journal.

But, if you are looking for a tool to that helps you to process the everyday events in your life, or a way to ask the universe questions and capture the responses, then journaling can work for you.

Just like the truth that not every person wants to sit down with a journal and write about their inner thoughts and feelings, its also true that not every person likes going to yoga classes. And not every person likes to sit in a meditative pose.

It does seem though that a lot of people out there want to feel centered.

They want to be at peace and have a strategy to come back to peace when that peace is challenged.

Many of us crave clarity in our decision-making.

The desire for a space to call our own and connect with our sense of self.

If you feel this last one most acutely, that your experience as a human will feel more centered and perhaps more meaningful if you create an object that contains all your ponderings….hmm…might I suggest a journal, perhaps?

But wait, Sara! All of the gurus say I really need to meditate. And that I have to do yoga if I want to connect my body and spirit.

There is a lot of stuff out there that can make you feel a case of the “shoulda’s.” The scariest thing about shoulda’s is that we can drive ourselves crazy thinking about all of the shoulda’s we think we should be doing and literally do not have time for.

Shoulda’s can put us into serious overload – so serious that we shut down. And then nothing really gets done. Or gets better.

If you feel you should spend an hour a day in your yoga practice, thirty minutes writing in your journal and another thirty meditating, than you may reach enlightenment before me.

Or you might be spreading yourself so thin trying to fit all this stuff in that you barely skim the surface of what really matters.

You’re not allowing yourself to dive deep into any one practice.

It’s the deep dive that yields the sparkliest of treasures.

Remember that your practice can change if it needs to. And maybe when the kiddos are a little older, you’ll have time for meditating, yoga, and journal writing. Or they will even do it with you.

Choose one practice for your self-exploration. Do it as many days a week as possible and see what you uncover about you.

Let your inner peace be attained. Allow room for a purpose to come to you.

Maybe you’ll discover that you like pizza too.

Prompt for today: What are the tools you’ve used in the past for self-exploration and how affective have they been? Is it time for a change? If so, what practice are you most excited about trying at this time in your life?

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