Day 22: 31 Days of Journal Writing

Consider ThisDay 22: Consider this…

When we write in our journal questions come up.

  • Why do I feel blue on such a gorgeous day?
  • Why did I say that? What I should have said was…
  • I wonder if anyone else noticed that I smelled like fish today?

Writing about those questions is one awesome way to find answers (says the journal writing fanatic).

On day 13 of this challenge I shared with you that taking more action in your life is a way to jazz things up for you. And that your journal can hold clues for what that action could be.

Today what I have for you is an activity that you can use anytime that you feel stuck with a question and you’re not even sure what action to take to answer that question.

I call it Consider This. The idea here is that when you don’t know what your next step is, you turn your question into the action.

For example, if you feel like your romantic relationships are not that great and you are writing about this in your journal, maybe you see some questions come up. Like, what are the things I really want in a partner?

Or if you are certain you want to be a writer but don’t know what to write about and this comes up in your journal, your question might be something like: I know what I like to write, but I wonder what other people really like to read?

What is popping up in your journal that you might want to Consider in another way?

Choose your question, grab an index card, and jot it down.

Keep your index card with you for the day in a place where you can easily grab it. Pocket. Purse. Wallet. Keep a pen close by too.

Once you have the question written down, your next step is to interact with it. There are some seriously fun ways you can do this.

  • Set a reminder in your phone for three or four different times throughout the day. When the alarm chimes, pull out your index card and jot down what your answer to that question is in that moment. Don’t overthink this. Just write it down, fold it up, and put it away.
  • Ask three different people your question and write down what they say.
  • Write your question down on three different cards and place it in three different places that you will see throughout the day. This is fun to set up the day before, or ask your kids or spouse to help you with. They can hide your question in places they think you will come across – the bathroom cabinet, your steering wheel, the fridge. Then you can ponder as your question pops up.
  • Post your question on social media if you are interested in getting feedback from a lot of people.
  • Text your question to your mom and/or dad if its appropriate. Sometimes we just need to hear what our parents have to say to find the answer we need. And yuppers, it’s okay if we think the opposite of what they tell us.

Consider This question throughout the day and the next time you sit down with your journal, write about the responses and advice that you’ve received. Work through the thoughts and opinions shared with you by people you care about (and who care about you) and see what happens as you sift through ideas that may be different than what you had.

And who knows…maybe you’ll come up with something that propels you forward into your next step.

Prompt for today: Do you regularly consider the wisdom of others? If so, why and if not, what keeps you from inquiring?

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