Day 25: 31 Days of Journal Writing

31 Days_2Day 25: A journal for someone you love

This one is for all of us moms out there.

There are adorable baby books you can get from craft and hobby stores. You may have even received one for a shower gift. They are filled with beautiful paper and encouraging prompts for jotting down things like your babies first laugh, steps, haircut, and even teeth.

Lots of moms I know have these books. And the majority of them are empty.

I’m not sure why. Most likely because we are so incredibly busy living in the moment when our kids are little that we don’t make time to record the moments.

I did not receive any of these books when I became a mother. Probably because anyone close enough to buy me a gift knows that I would rather do my own thing.

And they would be right.

Instead I asked for, and received, pretty blank books at the birth of each of my children.

Yuppers, I keep a journal for each one of them.

The entries are letters. They all start with Dear or Dearest or To my Ayla/Jude. Something sweet.

Each entry ends with Love, Mommy.

The space between is where I record the really important stuff. The stuff that I know they will appreciate being able to read when they get older.

Here is an excerpt from Jude’s journal:

Dear Jude,

We just celebrated your third Christmas and it was pretty spectacular! You were excited with the tree, you sang your little heart out in the holiday program at your school and you have been adding your own holiday flare throughout the month. You decorated the tree with toys, laundry, and coat hangers while I wasn’t looking. My favorite was the naked Barbie with her arms and legs wide open.

I might not have written that down in a prompted baby book. And maybe that’s not officially a “baby” memory. Seriously though, the baby firsts are cute and all, but its when they start walking and talking that the real fun begins.

Those are the things that I write in their journals. I also use their journals to write about times that are particularly challenging. I want them to know that parenting is hard and that they have their moments that make it hard to parent them.

Some day my kids will receive these journals as gifts from me. I hope they like them.

But it doesn’t really matter if they do. The truth is that I keep them for the kids, but I keep them for me too.

Each time I write a letter in one of their journals I get something out of it too. A moment to pause, reflect, and remember how special it is to be a mom.

Being a mother is a highly physical experience. We are constantly feeding, cleaning, dressing, picking up, yada yada.

It is easy to lose sight of the big picture.

The time we get to spend with these incredible little people and the opportunity to raise them into really cool big people.

These moments that sometimes seem like they are rushing by slow down for me when I stop to write about them. It makes them all the sweeter.

Prompt for today: Who can you keep a journal for? Children are an obvious choice, but you could keep a journal full of all the things you wish you could say to your parent, letters to your spouse, a best friend, etc.

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