Day 26: 31 Days of Journal Writing

Letting go ceremonyDay 26: My journal is full – now what?

How are you with throwing away crap that you don’t use? Clothes that don’t get worn. Movies that don’t get watched. Books that you didn’t really like or will probably not read gain.

Crap can be thrown away, but there are some special items, and we each have our own list, that cannot be replaced. The gravy boat from a great-grandmother, the wedding ring your father wore.

Are your journals in that list of items? Do you keep them with you as you shift from one phase of your life to the next? Are they packed up and carefully carried along each time you move?

Lots of people keep their journals once they fill the pages. The writing in those pages represents time spent reflecting, lessons learned, or simply evidence of a life-lived.

And so we keep them as treasures.

But sometimes we need to let go of what’s in our journals and the only way to do that is to actually let go.

If a physical letting go is what you need, there are some cool, ceremonial ways you can do it.

  • Burning.
  • Ripping.
  • Painting over the words in your journal to turn it into an art journal.
  • Tearing out any pages you want to add to a file or a new journal. Getting rid of the rest.
  • Giving your journal to someone else.

Just make sure that you ask yourself a couple of questions before you let your journals go.

  • Are there any lessons I can get from reading over these pages that I’ve not yet processed?
  • What memories are in these pages that I want to be sure to keep? Tear them out or write them down somewhere else?
  • Is it possible that I will want this journal in the future, either for my own records or as part of my legacy?

Don’t get rid of your journals until you’re totally cool with the answers to these questions.

Then, if you feel drawn to rid yourself of them, choose the best way for you, the way that feels like you’ll get the most closure out of it. Then bust out the wine or tea, light a fire or get your trash can or paint ready, and go to town.

Your next journal will be ready for you to write all about it when you’re done.

Prompt for today: What are some of your favorite things? Favorite sandwich? Song? Coffee? Person to hang with on a Saturday? Make a list entry in your journal of twenty of your favorite things and see how many you can fit into one week of your life. Just for fun!

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