Day 29: 31 Days of Journal Writing

Know ThyselfDay 29: What does it really mean to get to know yourself better through journaling?

Know Thyself.

One of the best quotes ever.

If you Google “Know Thyself” and read the Wikipedia info about this phrase, you’ll learn that its not certain which of the many ancient Greeks coined it, but it is certain that it was used by many philosophers, poets, and even mythical characters.

It has had several meanings and contexts too. Know Thyself has been a proverb meant for individuals who boast to be more than they actually are. It has also been a warning to focus on you, and not worry so much
what others are doing or thinking.

There might be a lesson there. 😉

I like to think of Know Thyself as the path to acceptance for who you are.

This includes where you’ve been, what is happening with your current life, and what is possible for your future.

In my humble opinion, the ultimate reason to Know Thyself is to practice self-love. In spite of your faults. Regardless of the things you chide yourself for.

We all have life experiences that we are less than proud of. When you choose to write in your journal regularly, you engage in a game where you can work through all of that mega-stuff.

Or mini-stuff.

Whether its mega or mini is a judgment call that you may or may not want to make. Moving across the country might seem mega to one person and mini to another. Leaving a relationship might feel mini to one person and like the end of the world to someone else.

It’s not what you write about. It’s not how you write about it.

It’s about who you become on the other side of diving in.

What happens to you as you work through each idea, problem, pain, or celebration in your journal?

My hope for you is that with each entry, you come to Know Thyself.

And that by facing, learning from, and loving you head-on, you become more joyful, peaceful, clear, and willing to take the risks that will change your life.

You’ve got this.

Prompt for today: Pick one time in your life that you experienced a transition or went through a major change. A graduation, a divorce, becoming a parent, starting a new job. What do you remember about how you felt as you approached the coming change in your life? And what made it all worth it afterward?

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