Day 5: 31 Days of Journal Writing

Starting with your past

Galaxy2It’s not uncommon at all for a person to decide to pick up journal writing, sit down with a pen and paper, and have the experience of nothing happening on the page.

It might be that we feel we have nothing to say, that our current life isn’t very exciting.

Or it could be we just aren’t comfortable yet writing about what we’re thinking and feeling in the present moment.

Julia Cameron’s solution to this is to embrace the process of free writing, just keeping your pen moving with no agenda other than to dump out whatever it is that wants to come out.

Another option to writer’s block is to dive into your past.

For some journalers it’s easier to write about events from the past than it is to explore the present in more detail.

And some journalers need to explore the past in order to work through and heal a past hurt.

In the spirit of exploring your past, here are ten prompts about your personal history that you can start writing about in your journal today.

What is your favorite holiday memory?

How many homes did you live in between birth and age 18?

What stands out in your memory about the places you’ve lived?

Who was the cook in your home when you were a kid? Was that role congruent with the other roles of that family member?

What did you like about spending time with extended family when you were younger? Has it changed as you’ve gotten older?

Did your family take vacations? Where would you go?

Were your parents eager for you to be successful in school?

Did you have opportunities for creativity when you were a child? Was it encouraged?

What birthday do you remember most?

What are your thoughts on the importance, or non-importance, of sibling relationships?

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