Day 7: 31 Days of Journal Writing

Image of flying clock in handDay 7: Experimenting with different times of day

Playing with the time of day that you write in your journal is one of my favorite ways to sink your teeth into your journal writing experience and to…you guessed it…make it more joyful!

Before we dive into time of day one important point to consider is this: does your journal writing practice currently leave you feeling full of pizzazz?

Inspired to create a life you love?

Motivated to overcome obstacles?

Pickled with the perks of imperfection? (Done is better then perfect and all that jazz, right?)

If not, then you might be a prime candidate for playing with the time of day that you journal.

The purpose of playing with the time of day is to find the time that you get the most out of your journal writing experience.

To catch if your journaling time isn’t working for you requires paying attention to how you feel while you’re journaling and even after you journal. You have to note your vibe!

There was a six-month period in our family where if my husband or I attempted to get up early to accomplish one task or another, our youngest, two at the time, was bouncing out of bed like the springs just released him. He could sense us regardless of how quiet we were being.

So, my journaling time, which used to be morning, changed to right before bed.

I was still able to journal, but I noticed something sort of funky happening.

When I wrote in the morning, my journal entries were about lessons I was processing, planning for the week or the day, and even recording updates on how certain events were going.

As I started writing at night my journaling completely changed. When I look back at entries from that time period I find that I was recording things like who I saw or spoke to that day and what we had for dinner.

It was drastically different!

And it didn’t work for me. I did not leave my journal behind me feeling satisfied and happy with what I had just spent time on. Instead I felt like I wanted to write more, but I was just too stinking tired after my busy day.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Time of day is not about writing at the time of day when you feel best and will write a glossy journal entry about the pleasure you get from the birds and butterflies.

Not at all. In fact, when you find the time of day that you produce the journal entries that leave you the most inspired, don’t be surprised if some of what you write is dirty. Nasty. Critical. Judgmental. Or even is a list of all the stuff you feel bad about not crossing off your to-do list.

Because when you’re writing to get all of that junk out of your way, you can really start to focus on the business of creating more joy in your life.

If writing in the morning doesn’t work for you, then maybe give lunchtime a shot. Try it for a week and see if you feel lighter after your time with your journal.

And if you don’t change it again.

Prompt for you: Given the responsibilities and time constraints in your life right now, how much time do you currently spend focused on just you? Your needs, what makes you feel happy and productive, and the stuff that makes you feel good about being you. Is this enough? If not, what can you do about it?

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