Day 8: 31 Days of Journal Writing

31 Days_2Day 8: Experimenting with different types of journals

 Pen and paper journaling isn’t for everyone.

Yup, I said it.

And it brings up an interesting question. How can you get the benefits of journaling without keeping a regular old journal?

I can think of several ways. 33 to be exact. I’m currently in the process of putting them together in an eBook.

But before I get that done, here’s a little sneak peak of some of the cool ways you can get the benefits of journaling by approaching your practice differently.

You can change your tools or you can change what you write about.

One of the things I noticed quickly about being a mom was that I wanted to write about my kids. But not in my personal journal. That space is just for me and I need to be able to write whatever comes to mind. So yes, there are definitely some kid stories in those pages.

But they are mostly about what I’m thinking and feeling, and often that has little to do with what my kids actually do or say.

For each of them I have a special journal that I use to write to them. Each entry is a letter. And in those letters I write about the funny stuff they are doing.

So, you can change up your journaling by having different journals for different purposes.

Or you can change the format of your writing by writing letters. Or keeping lists. Or even keeping a photo journal instead of a journal in words.

There are so many ways to take journals to the virtual world that it can be overwhelming to decide on a starting point. We can keep a journal file on our laptop in a plain Jane Word doc.

We can use special journaling software.

One of my favorites is to create an audio experience with your journal and start using a voice recorder. Sometime we just need to talk it out and when we record it, we can transcribe it later if we want, or just put the recording someplace safe. You know, save it for posterity.

You can create the benefits of journaling by creating collages with images from your life. This can be a great exercise for exploring the past. And for exploring the future? Collage with images you love that represent things you want to be, do and have for your life.

Find what works for you. If you start to get bored with your journal, it might be time to introduce a new tool. And remember that something as simple as a new pen can get you all excited to interact with your journal. Change doesn’t have to be expensive. It just has to be effective.

Prompt for you: What is your favorite gadget? How could you incorporate its use into your journal writing practice?

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