Day 9: 31 Days of Journal Writing

Fun Face with LesDay 9: The shared family journal idea

 This blog has been prepared to be posted on October 9, which is my husband’s birthday, so it feels fitting to write about shared family journals – Happy Birthday Brian!

I love, love, love this concept.

I started a family journal several years ago. I pull it out at Christmas, or get a new one, and have it available at family gatherings. I encourage (hem, hem, harass) family members to write an entry about their holiday experience. Each person gets a turn and can write as much or as little as he or she wants.

What I love about this is that we can use this special journal to capture the high level details of what is happening in each person’s life. If they choose to share.

Or we can capture stories of what they think about the holiday season.

Or one year I wrote about the baby I was expecting and reflected on how the Christmas of that year would be our last kid free Christmas ever. Even if they grow up and move away, I will always be a mother, for every Christmas for the rest of my life.

That feels significant to me.

The shared family journal is also a great tool for writing down stories that older relatives have to share. Write these down while you can and before they are forgotten.

Shared family journals don’t have to be just for recording holidays. They can also be great for every day use between a mom and a teenage daughter, or for taking on family vacations for each family member to record his or her travel experience.

Shared family journals can be an added form of communication when talking becomes difficult or when you all just have busy schedules and need an anchor that holds you together over time and space.

Leave a shared family journal in a place that is easily accessible to the members of your family, the people who will be writing in it. If you need to establish ground rules, go right ahead and set them up.

You might want to include that the journal doesn’t stay in anyone’s room for more than 24 hours or that it’s not okay to write anything personally offensive.

Do what works for your crew, but above all, make keeping the journal a fun experience that allows you to capture and share details of your life together as a family. And at the end, you will have a precious record of entries that can be treasured for years to come.

Prompt for you: Who is the person in your family you are most at ease with and why?

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