What is it that you want most

What is it that you want most_Last week we talked about your list of goals, aspirations, and intentions.

To sink our teeth into the New Year and get the most out of it that we can, the place to start is what we want.

Maybe you want to feel happy. Maybe you want to earn money as an entrepreneur. Is peace what will make your heart sing this year? Or maybe, just maybe, this is the year to read all of Shakespeare’s works.

Last week I gave you step two in this four week process of deciding what you want for 2016. It was to list your intentions, goals, and deepest hearts desires. Then to review them and make sure they are all listed in positive language.

Grab that list now. And something to write with.

For the third piece of this process it’s time to sit with your list. Have a cup of something delicious and read over your dreams and desires for 2016.

Read them slowly. And out loud. Or at the very least, a whispered mouthing to yourself.

Notice what makes you smile. Or what makes your heart flutter in your chest.

Do any items on the list make you flush? Is there heat anywhere in your body?

Or butterflies to dancing in your stomach?

Good. That means you’re onto something particularly fantastic.

Anything item on your list that makes you have a physical reaction gets a special star.

Is there any intention or goal on your list that feels icky? Or that you read over and  follow up with an instant “that would make someone else happy, but I could care less.”

Those are the goals and intentions to cross out.

Yuppers, if it’s not real-deal, totally for you, gets you excited (and maybe a little of that healthy fear), than you can take it right off your list.

No need to set yourself up for an internal verbal beatdown that you didn’t reach goals that you didn’t care about reaching in the first place.

Read your list over two or three times and then start the process of ranking what is most important to you. Choose one that is most important. Rank that number one. Let the rest fall in line. This doesn’t have to be perfect. You may rank them and then change your ranking.

You may read over your list and decide that picking three key intentions for the year is crystal clear and easy.

Or you may spend more time on it.

Once you’ve got your list of priorities, write down your top intention for the year. Or your top three. Choose a number that feels doable and one that you can commit to.

Write your top intentions on a sticky note. A white board. Your bathroom mirror. Read them each day for the next week and note how they make you feel. If you are getting excited about what 2016 will bring for you, good. That’s what we’re going for here.

Next week, we’ll start talking about turning those goals and intentions, desired feelings, and deepest wishes into plans that propel you forward into your future.

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