Work with Me

If you’ve been taking a minute to click around my site you’ve noticed that I’m really into journal writing. I believe keeping a journal is a tried and true technique to make sense of this journey.

In a journal you can work through big stuff. Take note of smaller stuff. Write the story of your success. Heal a broken heart. Keep a log of what she said and what you wish you had said back. Create the story of what you wish your life was like.

Sometimes writing in your journal is enough. Actually, I can 110% guarantee you that if you start the simple practice of writing in your journal ten minutes a day, your life will change. To read more about how, click here.

There are other times too, when writing in your journal isn’t enough.

Sometimes we have BIG work to do, and we will do it better/faster/easier with support. That is when a coach comes in.

I’ve been a life coach for ten years. I have worked with private clients, run group coaching experiences, and taught college success and leadership courses at the college level.

The people I have helped usually fall into two groups. 1) They identify their dream, or what they really want out of life, and/or 2) They make a plan to create their dream life and work with me for accountability and forward momentum.

My clients are awesome peeps who are ready to make change and recognize that without support, the road is long, bumpy, hard, and uncomfortable. As a coach I help them navigate the forest of self-doubts, if-thans, and shoulds and stay on track to reach their goals.

My primary role is to support your achievement. To cheer on the creation of your awesome story. To hold you in your highest light and never give up on your success.

Ready to take a look? Here you’ll find details about the work I do with you in person. Have a question or ready to schedule a Joyful Jingle (my fancy name for a getting-to-know-you phone call)? Click here to email me directly.

Personal Coaching with Sara

With personal coaching, all of our time together is spent on you. This is about the life you want to experience and how you’re going to create it. It’s your turn!

Group Coaching with Sara

Coaching with a group is a powerful way to facilitate change in your life. The community that we create becomes a center for powerful change and positive growth. And we do lots of laughing and celebrating on the way!